Minecraft Climbable Chains Data Pack

Climbable Chains

This data pack makes the chains climbable. You can use it on parkour maps.

Minecraft Chainmail Armor Recipes Data Pack

Chainmail Armor Recipes

This data pack add chainmail armors recipe.

Minecraft Starter Kit Data Pack

Starter Kit

This data pack gives you a few items that needed when you start the game. This is done only once.

Minecraft Zombies Running Data Pack

Zombies Running

Zombies are very slow in Minecraft. Imagine the zombies running. It would be more fun. This data pack is running the zombies.

Minecraft Friendly Golems Data Pack

Friendly Golems

With this data pack, they will no longer attack you even if you hit iron golems. Iron golems summoned by the villagers will not be a danger to you.

Minecraft Starter Dog Data Pack

Starter Dog

When you start a new game, you are alone. Very boring. A tamed wolf is born next to you with this data pack. This happens once for each player.